What are the consequences when a child lives with gay parents?

For some years now, homosexual couples have been claiming their rights just like other so-called normal families.  While it was once taboo to talk about it, these couples have obtained the right to parenthood. However, what about the education and the development of the child? 

The parenting life of gay couples

According to the majority, same-sex parents are not capable of ensuring the development of a child. While studies in this direction conclude that these ideas are insignificant.

Homoparentality is the result of a project nourished with great interest by these couples. These children are the result of adoption or medically assisted procreation, also called in vitro fertilization. They benefit from all the love they need and live like normal homes. 

It doesn’t matter that they are gay. The parents face the same issues as other couples. They adapt their child according to his age and his level of curiosity about the world around him. 

As far as education is concerned, each parent contributes to the development of the child. Arguments are less frequent because these couples favour equal roles and tasks in the family.

Homoparental children in society

Contrary to popular belief, parents have no influence on the sexual orientation of their child. The child may well be straight because of his or her friendships and everyday environment.

However, homoparental children can be confronted with the gaze of others. They quickly become easy prey to mockery, even from adults. Moreover, they are easily rejected by groups of friends. They suffer this burden because of the sexual orientation of their parents. 

The law and homosexual families

Outside of the social life framework, the law protects homosexual families and affirms their rights. They are recognized as normal families in the same way as heterosexual couples. Previously, medically assisted procreation was reserved only for heterosexual couples. 

However, since August 2021, the law on bioethics authorizes homosexual families to use this method. For female couples, one of them can be the surrogate mother.  On the contrary, in the case of a gay couple, they have the possibility to use a volunteer. The man cannot naturally ensure the gestation.