Homosexual couple: how to have a child?

Being a parent is a cherished wish for many couples, even homosexual ones. Even if it is impossible for a man to conceive, there are techniques that can be used to become a parent. This article will shed light on these different techniques.

Proceeding with an adoption

Since procreation is impossible between two individuals of the same sex, in this case male, adoption is an option. Moreover, the couple will have to be married beforehand, since this is accepted according to the French law n° 2013-404 of May 17, 2013. 

If your partner already has a child, it is possible for you to want to adopt the child of the latter. In principle, it is crucial to have the approval of your partner. In this context, your partner will have to go to the notary to draw up an adoption act.

Using MAP

Medically Assisted Reproduction is only allowed for heterosexual couples who have a medically recognized infertility problem. In other words, one or both partners must be unable to have children. Also, this procedure requires a surrogate mother. 

With regard to medically assisted reproduction, the following solutions are available: artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization.

Nevertheless, the privilege is granted to the couple of homosexual women or to a single woman to practice the medically assisted procreation.

Using homoparental co-parenting

Co-parenting is a system that allows two people to take on the title of parents of one or more children. Homoparentality refers to the fact that the parents of this child are of the same sex.

Homoparental co-parenting is simply a combination of these two concepts. This means that two people of the same sex who are a couple can decide to have a child together.

In short, remember that it is possible to be a parent even if you are a same-sex couple. To do so, you will need to take the steps outlined above. In addition to these means, it is possible to resort to surrogate motherhood.