Consequences of the repetitive use of sex toys 

The search for pleasure through sexual acts has influenced the creation of countless sex toys. Both men and women find them to their liking. These sex toys can be used alone or with others. Even though the manufacturers strongly encourage their use, abuse can have many consequences. Find out in this article some of the repercussions that repetitive use of sex toys could have. 


Most sex toys used by women work on the principle of vibrational arousal. While this may increase arousal and pleasure tenfold, it is certainly not a natural process. Indeed, no natural penis has the internal capacity to vibrate.

As a result, excessive use of this type of sex toy can lead to insensitivity during sex without sex toys. Very quickly, dependence is created and human relations can be degraded.

Professionals recommend spacing out the periods of use to prevent sensitivity and addiction. You can also use sex toys that have fewer side effects. This advice also applies to men. 

Between masturbation and sex toys with feminine features, they could also develop insensitivity. This can be very dangerous during regular sex. We could quickly forget to satisfy our partner’s pleasure and become self-centered and violent without realizing it. 


Many sex toys can be very dangerous to your health. This is due to many of their components such as phthalate which is a highly carcinogenic element. Between infertility, cancers and birth defects, your analysis of these diseases will surely make you reduce your use of sex toys. 

On the other hand, excessive use of even a sex toy like a vibrator can cause discomfort, albeit temporary. Some users have already testified that they suffered from dead vagina syndrome for a period of time because of their overuse of their sex toy. It is therefore advisable to moderate the habits and the frequency of use somewhat. 

However, you can now better examine the instructions of your sex toys when purchasing them. Only choose those that do not contain harmful substances derived from plastics or that can disrupt the endocrine system.