Are there sex toys for men?

For some time now, sex toys, commonly known as sex toys, have been gaining in popularity. The fact that they are mostly found only in female models does not mean that they are primarily intended for them. Sex toys are also intended for men. We will present you some of them.

Sex toys and their use

Sex toys are objects intended for human sexual pleasure. There are all types of sex toys. There are those that reproduce the anatomy of the male or female sex. On the other hand, you will find those which are made up of an electronic part producing vibrations. Finally, there are accessories that do not directly produce pleasure.

They are generally designed to simulate the sexual act or to stimulate areas that can cause some kind of sexual pleasure. They can be used individually or as a couple. That said, as a couple, the man can use the toys to give pleasure to his partner. He can as well use it to give himself pleasure. In addition, there are several models of sex toys specially designed for men.

Some sex toys intended for the men 

Here are some examples of sex toys intended for the men:

  • The Tenga egg;
  • The masturbators;
  • The prostate stimulator;
  • The inflatable dolls.

This sextoy is easy to use. With its egg shape, it has a soft and elastic texture adapted to all morphologies that provides intense sensations.


These are devices that take the shape of the female anatomy. There are several models. The simple models, generally made of rubber, need lubrication to be used.

The electronic models offer several functions such as: automatic lubrication, self-cleaning, heating and even vibration and massage.  

The prostate stimulator

It is a sexual object that allows to test the prostate stimulation. Its design respects the male morphology and stimulates and guides its use.

Inflatable dolls

Inflatable dolls are toys in the form of dummies with vaginal and/or anal openings.